The Philippines seems to have the most relaxed visa regulations, making it possible to stay there almost indefinitely if you work within the system, So that's certainly a big plus ( The lovely ladies are another of course). I'm 40, no kids, divorced years ago, in excellent shape, own my own web biz, well-travelled and educated, but I'm finding myself "stuck" in America with practically no social life whatsoever.Which brings me to my last point: it's tough for a lot of guys to just up and leave the U. I'm sick of being dateless in this country and I know dam well that I am not alone on my assumptions and experiences, in the dateless scene of the states. I left the US once before, back in the 90s -- I moved to Scandinavia, and discovered what I had been missing all those years.I have lived abroad and seen the difference in my social life, in how it made me feel inside; and I've also seen the antisocial lame-ass dating scene in the US, and how it undermines a man's confidence and inhibits his ability to simply be himself. ), but also two Dutch guys, two Bolivians, as well as my Norwegian friend.

The propaganda media doesn't even touch upon the bases of the dating scene for a guy here in the states, when it comes to the daitng scene. I'm looking to do the same very soon and I do believe I will be very successful. I have to get abroad or there will be no life of happiness here in America. By contrast, the American dudes seemed insecure and fear-based, like they had something to prove all the time.

I admit that it's my key to being indepdent financially and to GO ABROAD and it is a good feeling to have a type of control over the outcome of my own life and setting my goals. Please share more of your experiences, notes and other observations with me and the rest of us in these topics. Not only did I notice this, the Europeans and Bolivians at the party all mentioned it too, and one of them told me that when socializing with American men, he always felt like they were trying to compete with him for some reason, though he had no idea why.

People Explain Their Reasons for Cheating Basically everyone has cheated on their partner, or at least seriously considered it We asked some people why they did it BRC) Basically everyone has cheated on their partner, false teii, validate my awful life choices and poor moral compass' Ell, I remember a saying that went something like "A thief is someone who believes everyone steals," and I feel like this applies to most things in life.

The only people who say "We all cheat" are people who cheat.

So I think people like us should stick together and join forces whenever possible. I was at a party six months ago with a friend from Norway visiting the US.

Traveling the world or relocating to another country can be challenging, but it becomes a lot easier when you have a like-minded "wing man." So if anyone on here is in a similar situation and would like to compare notes, or potentially even buddy up to travel, please be in touch. Finally, I know of written a short novel here as a first post, but I want everyone on this site to know that Winston is 100% right. There were mostly Americans at the party (about 70% male-- a real sausage fest!

Or I can simply go abroad to find my own happiness with a foreign lady that seeks a real relationship. 90% rate is way too big for the advertisement of this nation. But in Europe, I discovered I could finally be myself, and there were All kinds of attractive, natural, intelligent women interested in me.

I do not feel comfortable here in the states in terms of the "Jaded female populace" of the dating scene. Unfortunately, I lost my European residence visa a few years ago and had to move back to the US.

Yes, I've even flirted physically with a rare few ladies in my past in my early 20's. Foreign women ARE in fact, are giving American women a run for their money in terms of the dating scene. I left the US once before, back in the 90s -- I moved to Scandinavia, and discovered what I had been missing all those years.

Yes, I know there's even guys that do the total opposite to women in the dating scene. I can either continue to stay here and be totally "unhappy, lonely, depressed, isolated and deprived female companionship" here in America. I'm a decent looking guy with a good head on his shoulders, but I never had any luck with American women whatsoever.

Women overseas and abroad in most developing countries are raised on "old-traditioned" and "family-values". Since that time, my social life has gotten consistently worse, and I find it hard to relate to the brain-dead mentality that dominates here ( I'm in Florida by the way).