As it is located on an old plantation, it is very picturesque.

We've had the opportunity to visit Jamaica a couple of times during our travels, and we pack a lot of activities into each trip!

There are so many things to do in Jamaica, from Montego Bay to St. We've rounded up amazing excursion ideas to get you off the resort.

We stopped to learn about the flora and fauna and tried a taste of the termites in the large mound.

That wasn't exactly part of the tour, but one of our fellow hikers, Steve, told us all that they taste delicious.

He took photographs of us, walked us through the falls, brought us into places the independent travellers couldn't go, and he set up the rope swings for us. The pathways are easy to walk and the water is refreshing.

You can be as adventurous or as relaxed as you want at YS waterfall.Enjoy, in no particular order, our favourite things to do in Jamaica, from Montego Bay to St. Remember the jingle "Come back to Jamaica, what's old is what's new? There are so many new things to do in Jamaica that if you haven't been in 10 years, you will see a huge change - especially in the off resort excursions.So, maybe it is time to come back to Jamaica, only this time get yourself off the beach and explore the island.After a quick relaxation period, we strolled back down to grab our mountain bikes and ride through the fields to the beach, where we enjoyed fresh coconuts and a dip in the water - if we so desired - while listening to that wonderful island music!It's one of the most romantic excursions in Jamaica.This 400-acre resort has 2 miles of private white sand beach on the Caribbean Sea. We were running a little late due to our catamaran tour going long, so we missed the dune buggy adventure that we had booked, but Chukka was kind enough to move us to an ATV tour.