Your huge semi flops out and all I can say is "holy shit" as I stare at it. " I'm a little surprised but don't stop stroking you. This is actually my first time ever touching one other than mine." You smile.

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I've been transformed into your slut and you know it. "You're gunna be my personal cocksucker from now on, huh? "Good, slut, but I want you to tell me what you want." "I want to suck your cock every week, sir." "Good girl. " "Yes." "You want to me to bust my nut all over your face?

"Attaboy slut, suck that fuckin dick," you grunt at me. " "Yes," I say sheepishly, looking down because I know it's true. " Finally, you put your dick back in reach and I dive on it.

We're both rubbing our crotches, both a little nervous so you break the ice by asking, "want to see my cock?

" I say sure, so you stand up and pull down your pants.

The plan is to watch some porn, jerk off and compare our cocks.

We sit on your couch, and you pull up some straight porn.Continue reading My name is Tonny Williams and here is a little preview of what you get when you are in my chat room at Gay Cam Shows.I am a slim muscular gay versatile latino boy with a big cock that i lov...When the tip touches and you start pushing your way in, I hesitate for a second. "That's it," you growl, as you start sliding it in and out, "Take that cock." My eyes start to water as you get deeper and deeper into my throat, and I can't help gagging even though you only have half your cock in my mouth.You stop for a second, not sure if you're hurting me."Not bad," you say, but the huge grin on your face says otherwise. So I start stroking it, and as it gets harder and bigger in my hand, my little cock gets hard too. I'm left sitting on the couch, stroking my cock idly as I wonder what you could be doing. "I'm gunna teach you how to suck cock." I open my mouth to protest but the huge meat pointing at me must have me dickmatized, because all I hear myself say is, "uhhhh.......