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Areas like Melville are replete with bars, cafes and nightclubs which draw singles with their colorful and Bohemian nightlife.

Among the immediate city suburbs one of the hangouts most popular with the young people of Johannesburg, especially its African crowd, is Yeoville and despite the ill-repute to which it has fallen in recent times, it continues to draw singles looking for a date and a good time.

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Caucasians make up 16%, coloreds 6% and Asians 4% of the rest of the population.

Dating in Johannesburg has quite a multicultural aspect at present even though in the past the races had been socially segregated because of the practice of apartheid.Variously known as Jo’burg, Jozi or e Goli, Johannesburg is not only an important commercial center of the continent but in fact one of the best places to live and love in this part of the world.The modern history of Johannesburg has been definitively shaped by the discovery of vast reserves of gold and diamond in the adjoining areas in late nineteenth century.Your FREE interview will assist you to make an informed decision, to proceed or not – we will help you get over any doubts with NO OBLIGATION! Hello dear Single, I am very pleased you are taking the time to study your options out there and I admire your courage and/or curiosity!Please take this as seriously as we do as we personally care about your future in a rewarding and meaningful new relationship. Welcome to our home page and thanks for visiting our professional dating site for more information on an executive and corporate personal matchmaking service!At JRetro Match the member is at the center of all of our efforts.