Jennifer Aniston has experienced her fair share of mishaps when it comes to relationships. Jennifer went out with the Counting Crows frontman for a short period in 1994, before he went on to date her co-star and best-pal Courtney Cox.

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reunion in Hollywood on January 24, and the Bravo executive met up with his longtime pal at Sunset Tower for a drink.

Aniston, 47, was apparently sitting just a table away from Cohen and Mayer with some former co-stars, including Lisa Kudrow and Courteney Cox.

I just decided to include him in the list because he is super fit! Yet, for a while it seemed that the lovebirds would make it, with Mayer reportedly looking to purchase an 18-carat diamond ring for her that would have set him back millions.

Yet, the relationship was a turbulent one, not surprising really considering he is a bit of a dick to all his girlfriends (Taylor Swift even wrote a song about it entitled 'Dear John')!

, Mayer, whose last girlfriend was Katy Perry, is transparent about the song’s subject.“Who else would I be thinking about? The two had a roller-coaster on-again, off-again relationship that officially ended in 2015.

The noted that Mayer realizes that tabloids will run with his admission, but the singer added that, for him, there is more to the song than just his ex.

And I know that you probably found yourself someone somewhere.

But I do not really care.”Mayer added that although the album began like a breakup project, it—and the catharsis it inspired—was about more than that.

We realized they had to walk by our table to leave and that would be a ‘moment.’ We wondered if it was more fun at our table or theirs.” Apparently, Aniston and Mayer never spoke, and Cohen and the guitarist dashed out before the group of actresses.

John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston split for the last time in March of 2009 after more than a year of dating.

This is something more profound.”Mayer has a history of writing songs about the women he’s dated.