The more LTM gets closer to its ending, the more I am absolutely convinced it suffered from the exactly same problems as .

joo ji hoon and yoon eun hye dating-69

It reminded me not of a K-drama at all, but like a TW rom-com with a big budget and great actors. The second writer is going plot over mood (missing the aura of romanticism), but in a hodge-podge way because it’s hard to write the second half of the novel when you have to follow the ground work laid out in the first half.

LTM can’t even be considered an online mania drama anymore, as the middle-drama surge of interest has noticeably waned as well, leaving a loyal and devoted group of folks (myself included) who still really love this couple.

Ki Joon sees that Ah Jung’s face is plastered all over the papers.

Later that night, Ah Jung walks towards their bench and sees Ki Joon walking towards her.

Ki Joon’s face freezes and his eyes reveal his pain and heartache for his Jungie.

Aunt wants to see Ki Joon immediately, but once Ki Joon hangs up the phone he screams at Park Hoon to turn the car around towards Ah Jung’s place.Because of her actions, Ki Joon had no choice but to continue the lie in front of the Chairman.She lays all the blame at her feet and absolves Ki Joon of any involvement.Ah Jung responds in kind, choosing small talk over the giant pink elephant in the room, asking how his trip went? Ah Jung finally breaks down and cries, saying that she’s been well.Ki Joon, tears falling from his eyes, steps forward and pulls her into his embrace.The press asks why Ki Joon went along with it, and Ah Jung mentions that she got scared and wrote up a contract asking that it be kept a secret.