There are so many ways he is affected by this right has a clue.So in that respect I can't wait til it's over with..he has gone through the rehab.Second, is it godly to just drop people who don't come up to our standards.

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Among many other things, today they began announcing Pastor Appreciation month for Larry and I!

As they have done the past few years, they had us go out of the service at a certain point and shared a "plan" with the congregation. I never lose the gratefulness I have in that regard.

Linda Roark's specialty is delivering people from the street and bringing them to God. "Known as the 'Blue-Eyed Soul Sister,' she has been told that she 'looks white but she preaches black,' and is admired in African-American churches for her ability to roar and get the room standing on their feet," the release reads.

"Linda's protégé, Angel Pound, had a rough start in life.

Adam went outside with us and we had a good time out there talking as usual. I wake up everyday and thank God for my life and all the special people in it. as far as how everything else went and we went to lunch with Pastor Aaron & Hannah...always a delight to be with them.

The boys went to a few concerts today and Morgan came home with us for the afternoon. I came home and took an hour and a half nap and then got up to work on the house for Bridges (home fellowship group) but they had cleaned the bathroom for me, and done some other things. I just had to put some finishing touches on, finish the green beans and potatoes I made, light all the candles, and just a few other little things.the people of our church but there are specific things about various groups that we just really enjoy.The Legacy group (age 50 ) is such a pleasure to be around...Lifetime is rolling out a new docuseries called Preach in June.Core Media Group is producing the series, which follows four women who call themselves prophetesses."She trains her protégé with a strict hand and isn't afraid to drop someone if they don't come up to her standards," the release says.