Please be aware many people on auction sites, always over value their watches, so this should only ever be used as a guide. Hopefully for you it is at the higher end of the value chain.

This is a good starting point in your initial For genuine collectors like me, the only thing and the only details I am interested in, are those of the movement.

Placing any type of value on an Elgin watch just can’t be done with any degree of accuracy or confidence.

The best experts in the world would not attempt this, unless they had the actual watch in their hand, and their trusty eye-glass with them.

Hopefully this will at least help and guide you along the way.

However please be advised that if you want an accurate value, then you need to take it to an expert.

Other important things are, a bill of sale or any letters, that tell a story about the watch.

I am also a bit of a case fan and that is usually the first thing you see and catches my attention.

If you have the original box, bill of sale or associated information then this will always add value.

Then you should consider the condition of the watch.

It is however pretty meaningless when you are doing the actual valuation.