Who wants to admit that they met their girlfriend/boyfriend by swiping right?

A: I think social media makes things even more weird.

Then again, if you’ve already seen everyone in that bar 50 times and you already know you’re not interested, then you’re probably not going to be interested when you trip over them on Tinder, either.

Mazumafy: Looking at it, do you think dating struggles are a KC thing or a generational thing?

Mazumafy: Does your family care that you’re still single? A: Not yet but it would probably be a concern if I was, like, 30 with no boyfriend.

M: Yes…everyone and their mother is getting married lately.

To get our answers, we posed questions to a group of four 20-somethings to get their take on how they view being single. Mary: Yes…The toughest part is meeting new people, especially if you don’t live near the downtown area.

Let us tell ya, they were eager to tell the world about their dating problems. Erik: I don’t know if I would say it’s more difficult than other cities.

Despite its overall awesomeness, KC has repeatedly ranked as one of the the worst cities to be single.

So we decided to go straight to the source and ask Millennials living in our great city why it’s so tough to find love here. There is a weird shadow over the entire concept…most of our social interaction is done on weekend evenings, which doesn’t lend itself to exploring many options. For a girl, the concept is scary…Too many negative possibilities.

Kansas City has made national news recently for amazing things like THE ROYALS and how it’s great to live here if you’re a Millennial and how even Buzz Feed has gotten all jealous of us.

While we know all of these to be true, we also noticed another thing that’s true: unless you were lucky enough to meet someone new at a giant Royals watch party, the dating scene here sucks.

To help you whittle down your choices, we’ve picked what we believe are the five best dating sites — comparing them to the five best cuts of meat because Kansas City is part of beef country, after all.