We all dug into our entrees, and, between bites, Steve added one final thought that sums up the entire reason that holds people back from excelling in the School of Greatness: “I just don’t know if that’s possible.” Yes, it is absolutely possible, and it has nothing to do with ability.

Rebecca Silverman unwinds with this slice of life comedy.― Aakash asked: My question is in regards to license lengths.

I know for DVDs and Blu-rays some licensees from publishers have expired for some older titles. As streaming is the big trend now, ...― Kyoto Animation is one of the most recognizable TV anime studios—and not without reason, as their productions are remarkably polished.

I went through the whole “where are you from, what do you do” small-talk racket that you do when you meet new people, and Steve told me he was in graduate school to be a doctor of physical therapy and was finishing up in the next six months.

As an athlete who has been through his fair share of injuries, I am familiar with physical therapy, so I found this pretty interesting.

That actually happened to me ...― Just one year after My Hero Academia's first season began, its sequel came barreling out the gate, offering a smorgasbord of new heroic adventures.

I was excited to see the adaptation continue, but also wary about a repeat of the first se...― The Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution film series lands in theaters later this year.So I’d love to be a physical therapist on a pro sports team and work on these great athletes.” Now he was speaking about something I knew well, and I could tell he meant it. She’s a phenomenal motivational speaker and author who has graced us with her presence on The School of Greatness podcast a couple of times.The first time she came on, she said something that still spins around in my head to this day.And now, every time we speak, she hones and clarifies my understanding of vision and desire a little more.The last time, she described her book this way: “ is about helping as many people as possible get clear on their core desired feelings.” That was exactly what I was trying to do with Steve: pushing him to get clear on how he felt about life so he could figure out what he truly wanted to do.They vary in their desires to reach their potential.” The reason I know this is true and that Steve’s dream is possible is because of my time with one of the School of Greatness’s greatest teachers: Angel Martinez.