As the cast of 'Gilmore Girls' gets ready for its highly anticipated reunion at the ATX Television Festival this weekend, we're taking a who's who look at some of our favorite actors from the popular TV show.

reunion, and the only thing that would make it better is if they’d all come over to my house afterwards.

I can’t wait to sit with these unbelievable broads and relive a time where sleep did not exist, where stress and coffee were mama’s little helpers, and where we all dove into the deep end together to make something weird and very, very cool.” Same here!

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Holmes’ was under the radar of all the media outlets for her rumored relationship with Jamie Foxx, but now reports claim that Holmes has finally decided to move on from Foxx as she has found the true love of her life in Perry.

Earlier this week, , a close bond was formed between the two and they became “quite close.” In the upcoming TV series, Holmes plays the role of Jackie Kennedy, and Perry will be seen portraying the role of her brother-in-law, Ted Kennedy.

He made the switch to acting in the early 90s, and before Liza Weil auditioned for the part of Rory, and as we all know, she didn’t get it.

But when the pilot went to series, she got a call from the show with some good news: they’d created a role just for her, providing she would dye her hair blonde. For the rest of the show, she played Rory’s enemy-turned-friend Paris, along for the post-Chilton ride to Yale.

The tabloid further stated that the star prefers to have Holmes around after the shoot, and they both are spending “a lot of time together.” The magazine fabricated the source who claimed that there is a real spark between them and that “[t]here’s a real spark with them.

The duo had dinner a couple of times and clearly enjoy being with each other.” “You can tell they really like each other a lot,” adds “The little girls even have a tiny pink convertible parked in the attached garage, and LA.’s skyrocketing summer temperatures won’t even bother the two — a source says the little home is air-conditioned! I’ve never seen them together, he’s never told me he’s dating her.

She was a shy kid whose parents got her involved in community theater when she was eight, to help her overcome her it. Her tryout for Rory Gilmore was her very first audition ever, and it’s pretty much impossible to imagine anyone else in the role. ” fan, I still haven’t recovered from what happened to Lane.

If you don’t know what Melissa Mc Carthy’s been up to, chances are you’re living completely off the grid. She played the music-loving, spirited rebel who longed for a life of passion, independence, and rock and roll, and somehow ended up with twins, forced to live with her mother while her husband lived out her dreams and went on tour with the band they’d been in together. Keigo Agena, too, is a romantic: she was married in a helicopter over Las Vegas. If you were the right age and lucky enough to see the original production of “A Chorus Line” on Broadway, you saw Kelly Bishop’s Tony Award-winning performance as Sheila.

We’ll even forgive him for the fact that, like Alexis Bledel, he’s not a coffee drinker.