To pursue my education, I went to the big city where my parents lived. “I was wondering if something happened to you”, he added. It was one thing to flirt from your balcony, but a completely different thing to talk to him, that too in front of your school. I just shrugged my shoulder and said, “Blame my shitty mood”. My first date was converting into a disaster and I was the jackass axing the branch I was sitting on. And I got to know much more about him and his family as the time passed. He is responsible for bringing out the lost confidence in me and I am not afraid to be myself with him. He proposed to me and it was the best day of my life.

“Uhm, oh, ok” Whew, I could talk to him too, though in monosyllables. And he was talking to me like he knew me for years. He was asking why he didn’t see me on the balcony the last two days. [Read: How to be a great date all the time] But today I can tell you that he is the most romantic person in the world.

The unfolding of all true love stories Today I met him, the boy in the middle of this whole love story. I guess there was that bit of girliness underneath my skin of a tomboy. All this, without ever knowing whether there was a girl in his life or whether he would ever like me. And I was his Cinderella, only without the glass slippers. I went to the court where he was practicing and occupied a corner.

As cool as we considered ourselves to be, in reality my friends and I were actually the dorky geeks of the school. [Read: Understanding the emotions of love at first sight] Where there is a will, there is a way, especially when it comes to information.

My pals and I were uncool and shunned by the so called “cooler people”. We had the best grades, the simplest hairstyles and we were the best-behaved children. Sports were given a lot of importance in our school and sportsmen in my school were like the quarterbacks in Hollywood teen movies. My spectacles never came between me and my star status. If you were to ask me about the whole deal now, I would call it silly. It was a serious and dramatic chapter for me in my life.

A year passed but my love for him never changed even after his harsh words. A very dear friend of mine used to travel in the same school bus as he did. So I completely avoided going out on the balcony for two days. That “old love story” had failed to revive after all those long years. We can all fall in love plenty of times, but there’s always that one special time when we come across a perfectly true love story in your own life.

I had left everything of my past behind, even the phone numbers and addresses of my friends. I was going through a blank frame of mind for a few days and the occasional veranda flirt also failed to cheer me up. “Talking has never killed anyone and as long as your old love story doesn’t rekindle, I have no issues.” He was teasing me. The half hour with him felt like a business meeting. I couldn’t even understand why he even wanted to meet me. When I told him that I was engaged, he seemed shocked. But it hit me the other way, and the pain of that evening came rushing back to me. “I don’t want you to live in the past.” I wasn’t able to hold back words this time around. I am happy with my partner and wish you can find someone nice for yourself too. Good luck with your life.” I told him and rushed home to meet my love.

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[Read: The ten types of love you’ll experience in life] I wanted him to know that I liked him but at times, I wanted the secret to die with me. I had walked half the distance for him and wanted him to cross the rest. Every year, a sports tournament was organized by the school and students from all the schools across the country participated in it. It was a very exciting experience and the perfect platform to meet new faces and a chance to express your crush, love and… I was being desperate and itching to shed the goody-two-shoes. Feminism was in, a lot of girls ask guys out, and I was not an alien. I stood there for an hour and he was still playing. Maybe he wanted to meet me alone and so was pretending to play. But I could see that he wasn’t focused on the game as he was missing many shots.

He was there, reclining in the back seats, talking and flirting with his girlfriends. To make things worse, going by route ‘3′ meant that I had to walk four miles back home. I never tried to conceal my love, but I didn’t want to force him to love me. ” “Y…ouu…” All I could manage to say, after stuttering for a minute.

One time, he got a sty in his eye and I felt like I had one too, the whole week.