USB support for mice, keyboard, and storage devices; rewritten session management; AHCI support with updated Uni ATA driver; alternate React OS Memory Management Module has taken over all memory management responsibilities except for sections; preliminary support for debugging React OS components using windbg; improvements based on results from the Auto Hot Key application functionality test suite; Bugfixes based on running Driver Verifier on several bundled drivers React OS is primarily written in C, with some elements, such as React OS Explorer and the sound stack, written in C .

The project compiles using both Min GW and Microsoft Visual Studio, and contributes to the development of the build systems used through the submission of patches to its components.

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Some countries, including the United States, require that a reimplementation based on disassembled code must be written by someone other than the person having disassembled and examined the original code, whereas other countries allow both tasks to be performed by the same individual.

Consequently, React OS clarified that its Intellectual Property Policy Statement requirements on clean room reverse engineering conform to US law.

An internal source code audit was conducted to ensure that only clean room reverse engineering was used, and all developers were made to sign an agreement committing them to comply with the project's policies on reverse engineering.

Contributors to its development were not affected by these events, and all access to the software development tools was restored shortly afterward.

Comparing this function to disassembled binaries from Windows XP, Birr argued that the Bad Stack function was simply copy-pasted from Windows XP, given that they were identical.

Alex Ionescu, the author of the code, asserted that while the Windows XP binary in question was indeed disassembled and studied, the code was not merely copy-pasted, but reimplemented; the reason why the functions were identical, Ionescu claimed, was because there was only one possible way to implement the function.

such that people accustomed to the familiar user interface of Windows would find using React OS straightforward.

The ultimate goal of React OS is to allow you to remove Windows and install React OS without the end user noticing the change." React OS is primarily written in C, with some elements, such as React OS File Explorer, written in C .

The project stalled in discussions of the design of the system.

While Free Win95 had started out with high expectations, there still had not been any builds released to the public by the end of 1997.

As a result, the project members, led by coordinator Jason Filby, joined together to revive the project.