The script can be easily adapted to only eject, or only mount the drive. [crarko adds: This is another one of those things I don't have the hardware to test.You can also tweak it to display a Mount/Unmount dialog if you wish. Trimming an SSD is a way of optimizing the read/write/modify process for the device.To run the script, use the script menu at the right of the menu bar, or bind it to a hot key using a Quicksilver-type app. So, to force a trim just boot from another drive and run repair disk on the SSD.

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Also note that if you buy a Mac from Apple today with Fusion Drive, it DOES come with a Recovery Partition, so it is indeed possible to do.

It turns out that Apple's Core Storage technology is more flexible than these walkthroughs give on.

Many years ago I used heat and cold to help troubleshoot digital circuitry hoping to change an intermittent problem into a permanent one. In any case, when the new 2T drive comes, I'll try moving the old backup data to it and shelve this one.

There are many step-by-step guides on the internet that explain how to add an SSD to an existing Mac, and create a 'Fusion Drive' that has the speed of an SSD, but also the capacity of a Hard Drive.

I have had the hard drive for a couple of years and it has always worked perfectly.

It is also used as the Time Machine for my girlfriend's 2011 15-inch Mac Book Pro and the problem started when I tried to do a Time Machine backup on her computer this morning.You can enroll an individual partition of a drive in a Fusion Drive, instead of the whole drive.This means that you can join just a specific data partition of your HD with an SSD, and leave the Recovery Partition intact.It was preparing the backup for some time because it had been a while since it had been backed up.While it was doing this, her Mac "Restarted because of problem" and since then the my hard drive that was connected has the problems above. Thanks in advance, Paul Hello, If you want to recover your data I recommend you use a data recovery software.I can only assume that the problem that caused her Mac to restart also corrupted my hard drive somehow. If this does not work then contact a data recovery company.