This error can also occur when a field or table named in a SELECT statement does not exist in the data store. A misspelled file name was specified, or a file has been moved, renamed, or deleted.

main file updating failed operation canceled main file data integrity-46

For Firefox we recommend to installing the Firebug extension.

A known workaround for this issue is to update your Web server configuration.

An intermediate version may be needed during the conversion process.

The Error Value Enum constant describes the ADO error values.

This file is located in the Validate folder in the same location as your Quicken data file.

If you receive the message "Damaged data block" in the Data_Log after the Validation completes, the file is not repairable.We recommend restoring a backup from prior to the date listed on this message.If you are still experiencing issues (such as severe latency with just one account, unexpected data that cannot be resolved by Validate or Delete/Re-enter, or other conditions that indicate a data integrity issue) try these steps. If you have purchased and installed a new version of Quicken and there are issues with your data (such as missing or incorrect totals), there may have been a problem with the conversion.Call either Rollback Trans or Commit Trans before closing the object.Operation is not allowed when the object is closed. For example, some other routine might have closed a global object. The name of the provider might be incorrectly specified, the specified provider might not be installed on the computer where your code is being executed, or the installation might have become corrupted.Before troubleshooting data integrity issues, review your settings and preferences.