In recent years, dozens of lawsuits have been filed against universities across the nation claiming that male students have been denied due process and face gender discrimination from campus kangaroo courts that overzealously prosecute Title IX claims made by female students.

Notre Dame spokesman Dennis Brown and John Doe’s attorney Peter Agostino declined to comment to on the case.

The initial hearing occurred April 25, but the results have not yet been made public.

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A male Notre Dame student has filed a lawsuit in federal court, claiming that his ex-girlfriend accused him of “dating violence” to basically destroy his life, and that the university violated his due process rights and discriminated against him because he is male when adjudicating his case.

As of now, however, he has been expelled from Notre Dame with the stipulation that he be permitted to “reapply for readmission” in Fall 2017.

His suit asks that he might be permitted to complete the final three weeks of school and take his final exams.

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