His investigations are featured in the 2015 documentary film .

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I asked Tom what he thought about Kurt’s best friend Dylan Carlson’s anti-murder conspiracy statement in the 1998 documentary film in which Dylan said, “If I seriously thought Kurt had been murdered, the people, if I thought Courtney was involved … I would kill them if I thought that was the case.” Tom responded that Dylan was being manipulated by Courtney at the time.

He claimed that Courtney was funding Dylan’s heroin habit, so he would say whatever Courtney wanted him to say to support his drug habit.

Tom said he thought Kurt clearly put the gun in his mouth jokingly and that Dave and Krist were smiling in the photo which proved that to him.

He went on to say that Courtney Love was present at that photo shoot and was telling Kurt what to do.

I told Tom that I had read that two of Kurt’s great-uncles had in fact committed suicide by pistol shots to the head.

Tom disputed this and again said Courtney was the source of the misinformation. Cross’ 2002 book states that Kurt’s great-uncles, brothers Burle and Kenneth Cobain, both committed suicide by pistol shots to the head and additionally Burle shot himself in the stomach in 19 respectively.

Tom said it was from the Seattle Police Department Case Investigation Report, which he emailed me just prior to our interview. 2 of the 5 page Seattle Police Report Tom had underlined the following passages, “Morphine level 1.52mg/L (milligrams per liter). Richard Harruff’s opinion in the autopsy report that “…

tolerance is extremely important when evaluating opiate levels.

With tolerant individuals, very high levels can be achieved far more than a non-tolerant individual.” The police report also notes that Kurt’s mother, Wendy O’Connor, had read Kurt’s suicide note and “…

it was her opinion that the victim [Kurt] wrote it.”) I told Tom that there were Swiss studies and posts on Reddit regarding the Cobain murder conspiracy film in which heroin addicts in the Swiss studies were able to function on a daily basis, and Reddit users who claimed to have survived heroin overdoses without medical attention which were much higher than Kurt Cobain’s lethal heroin dose.

It was a memorable discussion though, and these are my recollections of my interview with Tom Grant.