Jen definitely needs a come-up after Eric and I don’t recall Maxwell having a lady friend any time in recent history.

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Former "BBW" star Jennifer Williams has posted some interesting We do know the two have been friends for a while and have hung out on several occassions over the past couple years in group settings. That would be sort of cute, but what's not cute is Maxwell looking obviously high off of something in EVERY pic I see him in. Get a grip LMAO, Jen just had to one up Evelyn didn't she lol I guess she's trying to make her life seem a bit more interesting so Shaunie can sign her back on to the show.

Last week Jennifer Williams tweeted a photo of she and Maxwell with the caption, “Me and @_MAXWELL_ last night! Fun times.” Naturally, posting a picture with an attractive, single man will get rumors of a romance going.

Surely Jenn and Maxwell know this – even if they’ve been friends for sometime.

There have never been any confirmations and/or rumors about his sexuality or the majority of all the celebrities for that matter. I would have cussed you out so badly that you would have thought I put my hands on you..

back when I was small minded, ignorant and a little crazy..

Williams’ also made headlines this week after deciding to drop her pending lawsuit against Nia Crooks.

Plus, she’s no longer a member of BBW along with Royce Reed, and Keisha Nichols after receiving their pink slip due to producers calling them dead weight on the show.

Well, Jennifer just confirmed on Twitter that Maxwell is indeed her “boo.” Williams tweeted: Jennifer Williams ? 25 Jul 12 Reply Retweet Favorite She didn’t @ Maxwell so that we know it was real, but I went directly to Maxwell’s tweets after the laughter died down and saw this tweet from yesterday: MAXWELL ?