Reaux Athletics able of Co V^tt kvt s News § evei Axts som^ewhere li^ this, p Lflce we oall ll-fe. Dt we are ooi A,stfl»A,t Luj m,o\/li A.g toward or awaij frokvc s 0 m,et h L be It a ia. The UL Alumni Band has helped serve UL Lafayette with fundraisers and great tunes.

Are you, Le«\/Li A.g tjour L'Acadien Copyright C 2004 Cover design by Jill A. 3Li A/ce this Joucn^euj Is, uc Ltlk Rflte Ly L l A^ev Lt a b Le, why u\^ot tahe the tlm.e to chose ijour path fli/vd w«Lle It with •pride fli A.£? For a stu-dei^t, the "big picture" Is Life after c^ra d uatlo ai^d the career choices that Lie Iia. After marching to the beat while in college, former band tnembers continue to show their support for the Pride of Acadiana.

it Is the ui A.i A.eccesa ry efforts of 1 1A.0I I vld ua Ls that Leave H^arfes oi A/ the Lives of others ai A.d li A^splre them, to Leave marfes of their owi A.. it Is a character shapli A,0 evei A/t tkcit Letives bl^ I r ess I oia. 3t e i £,houid this tlkvte to shflpe thier Lives fli/vd the Lives of others. During his attendance at UL Lafayette, Chambers worked as a photographer for UAcadien Yearbook.

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,1 '(jffi'-'^' Jeff Chambers currently owns his very own studio.

April Foster, a nursing graduate, was featured in Time Magazine in the November 2003 issue. I'loin hi I ill marks to .scars to tattoos a person V iinii/nctu'.s.s ( (III he seen iti tnany form s.

hctve wciy of tei A,0 wkiflt lies, ahead, yet oi^ce you. }ou expect to be greeted irith open arm s into your new dormitory, but depending on your dortn.

Pledging Delta Delta Delta during Rush Week, Serrett said it was tlie bright side of things. ' After undergoing the multiple moves, Serrett said, "// was really not that bad, just frustrating. you gaze up at the l)u Hding that is to be your neu home. \ ou are nervous or excited about what is in ytore for i ou.

I \ I I i Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2015 vv Mere are you. After graduating from UL Lafayette, some choose to continue their education, while others dive straight into the workforce or raise families.

The Alumni Band has carried their promise to serve our school by performing at the Ragin ' Cajiin f ootball games, basketball games, selling T-Shirts, and even hosting a band camp spaghetti dinner in late 2002.

Not oi A^Luj does, oo LLege prcv Lde ijou with i\A,\z, It also provides ijou with -pciges. 7 h rough the long and exhausting process of tnoving in Just retnember, once you are finished you can bask in freedom.

They recommend fratnitig pictures of fatnily and friends, bringing things that remind you of home and hanging your favorite posters.

" Serrett was one of the hundreds ofstuden/s who opted for Legacy Park with the lux/tries of gated parking, free laundry facili/ies, i/s own dining hall, new furniture and more privacy. Her mother said, "We re excited she decided to come here.