Twiddle her hair and don’t start ruffling it up like she’s a dog. #2 Stop talking before you kiss a girl Stop your mumbo jumbo dialogues, and slowly notify her of your intentions by looking at her mouth which will show that you want to continue this conversation silently with your lips. #3 Make eye contact If you want to know how to kiss a girl and want to figure out if she’s ready, make eye contact once, and see if she looks back at you for longer than five seconds. #4 Tease her with kisses Don’t go for the kill just yet.

If it’s any less, it’s obvious your gaze at her didn’t convince her. You’re doing really well so you need to tease your prey by kissing her cheek and her neck on one side of her face.

She’s had many television appearances including NBC’s Style by Jury, Dating 201, Breakfast Television, This Hour has 22 Minutes, CTV News, Three Takes and The Jon Dore Show.

She’s also been featured in numerous national newspapers and magazines.

Relationship Expert and Host Gloria Mac Donald has helped hundreds of couples to find love and lasting relationships.

She, along with her fantastic guests, will give you the advice and wisdom you need to cultivate the perfect relationship.

[Read: 10 steps to arouse a girl and make her want to kiss you] How to kiss a girl on the first date Most guys will talk for a few minutes or hours and then lunge in to kiss a girl on the first date, not knowing exactly how to kiss a girl.

Knowing the key moments before locking lips is just as important as remembering your own name.

This is the perfect way to make her feel at ease and comfortable.

If she enjoys your sensual touches, move your hands up to play with her hair, by slowly going from the arms up to the neck, then earlobes, moving slowly into her hair. You don’t want her to think you’re going to lick her. She may go shy, but hold the gaze and let your eyes communicate that you’re ready.

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