Archaeologists have uncovered an Ancient Egyptian city dating back more than 7,000 years near Abydos, thought to be one of Egypt's earliest capitals.

Officials hope the find can help the suffering tourism industry.

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Love, or more specifically, relationships are embedded within Mexican culture.

Being of Mexican descent and traveling to Mexico often I was aware of this before I arrived in Mexico City.

Thus one cannot understand Mexico without understanding its strong dating culture.

From music to art, relationships shape the way Mexicans view their country.

However, there is also a certain kind of strength in being able to express one’s romantic feelings so boldly, which I do admire.

The desire to be in a relationship is understandable when we look at Mexico’s family-oriented culture.A Mayan ruler was once thought to have been buried at the control center of a spaceship.Now, researchers have found that he's buried above a canal system, which would carry him down to the underworld.The lyrics of Te Amo: “I love you / Since the first moment I saw you / I have looked for you a long time / And I already imagined you like this,” illustrate the extremely romantic tone of music in Mexico, which is a greater illustration of the culture here.Being intertwined with both my Mexican roots and my American culture, I struggle with the concepts of needing to be loved and its extension of needing to be in a relationship as the ultimate life accomplishment, which is of course a slight (AP, EFE) Tourists in Rome usually explore ancient catacombs located around the Via Appia Antica.