As most of you already know, if your date or time get screwed up after turning off your system, you need a new battery on the Motherboard. I don't keep a copy of my e-mails on the server, they all get pulled into Outlook after their wash.

Microsoft outlook updating inbox video

A "sent" message actually sits in the outbox until the next send/receive.

These parameters can be changed with Send/Receive Groups, Define Send/Receive Groups, click on a group, and Edit.

In the past few weeks, I've had a few issues with computers that were simply an issue of the date and /or time being wrong. From Microsoft telling you your software is not genuine, to AV not working, or getting your POP mail a day late.

For a lot of issues , like this one, the first thing I do is check the Windows date/time. I use Mailwasher Pro to "wash" my e-mail from my e-mail server.

Note that emails transferred to Outlook will show up as "read" (at least in Yahoo).

While in Send/Receive, Define Send Receive Groups, select account, and click Account Properties, Advanced tab, and modify as desired.

In Outlook 2010 there is a "Send / Receive" ribbon tab that controls this. I would recommend no less than 10 or as long as you want between email interruptions.

You can set a Send/Receive Group to automatically download messages or just headers every N minutes. You can always invoke a send/receive anytime that you want, such as shortly before you want to read your emails, or after "sending" a new email so that it is actually sent from the outbox to the recipient.

The "view" isn't filtered and should show all messages, I'm *not* downloading only headers, etc. I've run "scanpst" several times but it doesn't take care of the problem.