If users continue to add files and their stored documents for all the Share Point workspaces exceed 1,800, they will receive a warning message that states that only document properties will be downloaded to the workspace.

Even when list metadata changes on the server, the new list metadata can be synchronized on your computer.

For example if a calculated column is added on Share Point 2010, then Share Point Workspace 2010 picks up the change the next time synchronization occurs.

For example, you can edit documents, presentations, files, and lists (both native and external) on your computer while offline on a business flight.

You can do this by using your standard Office products and features, such as Office Word 2010, Office Excel 2010, and Office Info Path 2010.

Top of Page You can work with Share Point lists, both native and external, on your computer by using Share Point Workspace 2010.

Most types of columns, metadata, and content types are also supported in Share Point Workspace 2010. If an occasional conflict occurs when two or more people edit the same list item, then you can use the conflict resolution dialog box to resolve the conflict and be on your way.When you are not connected —at home, on the road, or in the air — you can continue to work on your computer.When you come back online, Share Point Workspace 2010 synchronizes changes you and others made while you were offline.You can even drag and drop files from Windows Explorer to your Share Point workspace.Checking in, checking out, and creating major and minor versions is also supported.Using Microsoft Share Point Workspace 2010, you can work with Share Point 2010 sites, libraries, and lists on your desktop computer or laptop, whether in or out of the office.