"They have to wait a long time -- a very long time," she said of potential boyfriends meeting her kids. I'm not going to say where we met, but we met somewhere and we ended up going for a walk.

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“They broke up like a year and a half ago because they didn’t get along and they argued a lot.” While Mike lived in North Carolina, he has left the state since splitting from Babs.

“He recently moved back to Pennsylvania, where Babs and Jenelle are originally from,” the source said.

Farrah also said that she and Simon aren't actually together, which is honestly priceless.

"We’re not together…I think people just got confused by me celebrating my birthday also in Jamaica which, oh well, I had a romantic dinner!

Christy’s burgeoning relationship with Fred, Candace's dad, gets more and more difficult for Baxter's fiancé to handle.

[It will be filmed] in Australia, London and four other countries with four other celebrities." The premise?

Farrah is a major attention-seeker, even among reality stars.

She's also in a well-publicized feud with her mother, which is some next-level baggage when people think about the potential in-law situation.

“My kids don’t even ever consider me having fun,” she reveals in one of the clips. So, how does her daughter, who’s currently with boyfriend number six, David Eason, feel about her mother’s quest for romance?

“So I’d like to have a little more fun in my life before, you know, I die.” NEWS: Jenelle and David Have Date Night — With Babs!

Briana and Javi reunited over the weekend in Los Angeles for the reunion taping.