In Germany, especially, which has its own unique reimbursement system, the CPO’s are not pressured to improve their quality or way of treatment.Often, these CPOs are paid by health insurance providers without adequate follow-up, or the braces are not appropriate or do not conform to SOSORT guidelines.It is important that the goals of treatment are clearly defined and every effort is made to prevent the progression of the scoliotic deformity throughout treatment.

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The RSC® brace is a scoliosis corset produced by computer technology according to the Ortholutions patented method.

It is supplied exclusively to specialist firms trained for this.

Each RSC® brace is produced according to the unique Ortholutions patented method.

One of the many special features is the individual diagnosis and brace design for each individual patient.Often, the patients and their families are not provided information or assistance with the subsequent diagnosis and therapy.Sometimes, patients and their families contact doctors who do not have much experience with treating IS.The main goal is to provide valuable treatment with a high rate of correction.All patients are seen and classified by two MDs, two CPOs and one physiotherapist.But due to the difficulty of finding compatible partners -- or encountering plain old cattiness -- on the web, face to face (or body to body) interactions in the real world may not be as common as you would think.