Despite being a very basic piece of software on the surface, there are plenty of useful settings.

By default, scans are scheduled to run on Sundays at 2am, but you can choose any day you please, or even opt to have scans run daily.

These are the basic steps you can take to reduce your system's vulnerability.

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The lesson here is that you can't simply rely on security software alone, and that keeping your software up to date is essential.

Don't ignore pop-up bubbles from Java and Adobe, and restart your PC at least one a week to make sure crucial updates are installed.

From there, you'll get a dialogue box confirming that you want to uninstall - simply click Uninstall.

You should immediately download and install alternative internet security software: check out our guide to find the best product for you.

Security Essentials has previously scored well in our live threat-testing environment, but its performances last year made distinctly worrying reading for any clumsy internet users putting their faith in a trusted brand.

Microsoft has previously admitted that the software should only be used as "baseline" protection, but its website makes no mention of this, instead claiming to be a "comprehensive" package.

Running tests on the software on a fully-updated PC, Security Essentials is a much more effective companion.

If you have a PC that has the latest Microsoft security updates installed alongside Security Essentials and you have a fair degree of common sense when it comes to dangerous files, you have an acceptable level of protection.

In our legitimate software tests, Security Essentials didn't throw up any false positives, earning a perfect score of 846.