Speaking of Simon, he and Farrah just got back from a romantic trip to Jamaica where he treated her to a lovely, romantic dinner for her 26th birthday: producers are kind of stuck with Simon calling out production for fake story lines, but I cannot imagine they are going to let him keep laughing off reports that he and Farrah aren’t dating and still feature Farrah in a dating reality series. It’s unclear when filming on will begin, or how fans will be able to “apply” to date Farrah via social media.

Also unclear is whether or not the show will be televised in the US initially.

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We knew Lauren was there, and I think we knew they might show up.”Di Vello: “I don’t want to get into the specifics of [the sex tape rumors] just because that’s their story, but from what we got on tape, it all just kind of came to a head at that nightclub.

We were at Les Deux, [and] Heidi ended up showing up with Spencer, and [Lauren and Heidi] got into it outside. I mean, you can see at the beginning of that scene that we’re scrambling to get our cameras there.

Most of the time when we were shooting, we would be sitting on their balcony, like six or seven of us crammed on this tiny little balcony.

You’re watching little monitors, and when you get that like black eyeliner roll, you’re just like, ‘Damn, this is so great,’ because again, we don’t have those [to-camera] confessionals — those OTF’s we call them in the business — so we have no other device to tell stories other than something like a black mascara line running down her face.

As producers, for us the challenge is getting access to what we know is the real story.

Lauren would forever say, ‘I’m not mentioning Heidi’s name,’ or, ‘I’m not doing the show if she’s on the show.’ We were so sympathetic to that, but at the same time, you had Heidi wanting to make up with Lauren, still wanting to be a part of the show.

This picture is so quintessentially "Room Raiders," I can’t handle it.

Can you imagine this series of events happening to you if you actually didn’t know what was going on?

It was one of those high-concept dating shows from the '00s like "Date My Mom," "Parental Control" and "Next" -- but "Room Raiders" was a personal favorite of mine because it contained the element of surprise: Contestants were thrown into the back of a van and forced to watch someone riffle through their stuff (and later, through their phones and computers) to determine if they were dateable.

These are the types of guys who'd be contestants on the show.

Stay tuned — we will be sure to update when we know more.