Personally, I don’t think virtual gifts are worth it.This is one feature I’d rather not see, and not just here, but on all dating sites.

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And finally you are asked for details on the kind of person are you looking for, what you are seeking from a relationship, and what is important and acceptable to you.

Once complete, you can then upload a photo if you wish.

And unlike other similar sites in this niche, their sign-up ratio of female to male members is around , although I believe this has only been possible because the site is 100% free for female members.

But it’s most definitely not free for male members, and the membership fees are probably the most expensive in the country. You’ll just have to read a little further to find out.

The first stage can be seen in the below picture: In stage two you are asked for details like: date of birth, town, education, marital status, drinking, smoking, eye colour, build etc.

For the third and final stage you are asked to describe who you are, your personality and how you spend your time; and also to be more specific on your height, hair style and body size.

But while you are waiting, you can still search and read member profiles on the site, and without having to pay a penny.

Anonymity and secrecy is taken very seriously at Illicit Encounters.

Personalized messages are the only way that you should be communicating, winking and virtual flowers are about as cheesy as it gets.