Mention it in a clear manner without any frustrations.

But don’t force him to become your idea of a perfect man by drilling him into submission.

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Give it a thought, and use these clingy girlfriend signs to find out if you’re overstepping the line anywhere.

#1 Space in a relationship This is the biggest clingy girlfriend trait that most guys despise.

Men and women have affairs because they want to, and if they really do want to have an affair, they’ll find ways to do just that. Meeting one new sexy girl won’t make him think less of you.

If there’s love in the air with you, he’ll know the right thing to do.

[Read: How to keep a guy interested in you in 30 sexy ways] #8 You think your relationship needs to be improved Guess what? If you aren’t happy in a relationship, walk out of it.

Don’t try to change someone to suit your needs because that’s not going to happen.

And that is the real true definition of a clingy girlfriend. 13 clingy girlfriend habits and how to avoid it One boyfriend may absolutely love being attached at your hip while another boyfriend may just want to hold hands for five seconds in a day.

A clingy girlfriend is a great girlfriend who either hasn’t got enough love or just wants more love from her boyfriend. Does that mean one boyfriend is better than the other?

#7 You don’t like it when he spends time with his friends So your man prefers to spend time with his own friends instead of you? The only reason you feel lonely without him is because you don’t have anything to do besides hanging out with your boyfriend. Have your own life and make him want to spend more time with you.

Turn the tables around and he’ll trail you like a lost puppy.

#9 You’re very suspicious Just because he’s out with his friends or working late doesn’t mean he’s sowing his wild oats.