"I swear to god, Casey, you're buying next time we go out." Becky began disrobing and added, "Throw your clothes in a pile. " Billy didn't want to admit to the girls he was still imagining them naked in his mind, but he wanted to stick around to enjoy this for as long as he could. This failed prank was an exception, and even she was now beginning to feel vulnerable. Penny was perhaps the only one that loved the idea of being naked in front of Billy and the girls. "Our favorite show, with our favorite little brother! He hoped this vivid clarity would remain the rest of the night. She spread her legs, following the actions of her friend - or possible future ex-friend - and slid two of her fingers inside. " For some reason, Becky decided she needed to warm up to the humor of the situation. Casey, who was also fucking herself, was struggling with continuing the charade, or calling the whole thing off. He's always been nervous around strangers." "Of course it will work, because we're going to strip." As soon as Billy was out of view, Casey began unbuttoning her blouse. Still, she couldn't so easily disappoint her best friends. Casey wasn't exactly shy, but she didn't go prancing around naked under normal conditions. Billy slowly unscrewed the top off the beer as he eyed the three beauties. Becky's eyes were wide, as if she was offended her friend would suggest such a thing, but when Becky's eyes met Billy, she instantly knew what she had to do. She wanted Becky's brother to give her all the attention. She took her other hand and squeezed her left breast, pinching the nipple.

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She didn't mind flaunting her figure and teasing those around her. From the moment you see them, you will recognize you have this gift to see the audience naked. She repeated the instructions to her "sleeping" subject before finally waking him.

He may be weird at times, with his obsession over science fiction and cult movies, but he's never been a creep to you. In Billy's mind, he couldn't believe the hypnosis session had worked so well, and that he could so vividly see the girls naked. He truly believed he was able to manifest an image of the girls without a stitch of clothing. She arched her shoulders back and sat up straight, her huge melons pointing directly at Billy. He saw her left tit pointed way off in the air, and her right nipple was practically staring at the ceiling. She decided that on second thought, it would be pretty funny. Who wouldn't be checking them out under these conditions?

Billy had been trying to prepare for a speech for his Economics class. Two years and you're both here practically every night." "And you love us anyway, right? She did flash her cleavage to him once, and that was quite a sight. Billy conceded, "Well, the hypnosis did work well then, and I was pretty confident that night, after the hypnotist got us to relax. Ten minutes later, with no prior practice, Casey was reading from a script, slowly bringing her subject into a deep hypnotic and suggestible state. "Billy, when you wake up, you will feel more relaxed than ever.

She and her two best friends, Casey and Penny, were hanging out at the siblings' apartment, as usual. You think I'm joking, but I'm not." "The last time I got up in front of class, I was sweating bullets, my voice cracked and I didn't even finish. "That's because you've been hanging around my sister ever since we started college. To have gotten personal advice about speaking from her was probably worth noting. That was the reasoning that got me through it." "I don't think my imagination is that good, anyway." Casey and Penny laughed loudly now. Ever since the two girls became regular visitors, they would sometimes tease him, though he never took any flirting seriously. Casey had a boyfriend, and Penny was way out of his league. I mean, why not see if we can cure his stage fright with your suggestion? The audience ate up Billy's reactions to the hypnotic skit. As long as you swear not to try to make me do stupid shit like that hypnotist did." The girls laughed and swore to keep things simple. "No, Billy would never do anything against his will, but he will be able to me more confident and creative." Casey spoke slowly and enunciated her words clearly. Meditation and hypnosis has proven effective for lots of people, managing pain, anxiety, stress.

"Still don't think it will work." "That's the gist of it, and it'll work," said Casey, giving Billy a poke on the shoulder. Penny, with her oversized mounds, sat in the center, while Casey's trim self sat to the left of her and Becky to the right, nearest the corner. "You lost me about mid-way through, but I am guessing your audience understands some terms and theories that we don't." "Yeah, that would be accurate," said Billy, amazed he still saw the girls so utterly naked. He never guessed his sister would have such amazing and unique tits, and such a gorgeous hourglass figure. "So are you guys going to watch that zombie show tonight? We'll let ya hang with us tonight." Again, Billy didn't wish to leave the room, fearing he'd come back and would no longer be able to imagine seeing them naked. We could all change there, one at a time." "He's going to be back in two seconds. 'Can't wait to see.' "So Billy, you did really well," said Becky. " Billy looked over at his sister, again taking far too much time on her breasts. The whole thing worked, and I really did calm down. "Billy, will you please tell my friend here that you are not that kind of a pervert? Within minutes the girls all had fingers in their respective pussies, while also trying to hold a casual conversation with their prank victim. Sure, they were familiar with each other, but Casey cringed at the thought of having an orgasm in front of him.

I'll hide them behind the couch." One minute later, all three girls were stark naked, sitting on the couch. He feared if he left the room, he would lose the skill. no, I don't guess," said Becky, looking at the other two. She practically lived in the nude at home, and often wondered what it would be like to be such a bold exhibitionist in front of others. Joining a nudist club would easily have satisfied her curiosity. Why don't you go grab us some beers and then take a seat in the recliner. 'Maybe I get to keep this gift forever,' he thought. He supposed she, more than anyone, would love to hear the details of some guy imagining her naked. Becky was pissed she was being roped into this, but she didn't want to give away the fact that they were actually naked. " He turned to Casey, who upon seeing his glare, also knew what to do. By now, she was feeling vulnerable being naked for so long in front of her friend's brother.

Billy would never expect you to be undressed in front of him. "I think it's hilarious." "Well, you don't have a boyfriend," said Casey. I'm like nothing compared to you two." "Oh, shut up," said Penny. uh..." The girls all erupted in laughter, when Penny interrupted. He certainly believed that the hypnosis session had magnified his brain's ability to imagine things.

" Penny was being cruel, talking casually while fondling herself. " Billy was practically slobbering on himself as he watched the big-breasted beauty stroke her own clit.

" "How real was it to you when you imagined us naked? She licked two of her fingers and reached down, gently touching her clit.

Becky wanted to punch Penny as the redhead leaned back on the couch and spread her legs.

You could do that for hours and still wouldn’t get enough of its pleasure.