Assuming that validation will be performed using an XSD schema, the code creates a new Xml Validating Reader class, sets the Validation Type property to Validation Type. Any errors found while the XML document is read are directed to Validation Call Back: Adding Validation Capabilities to Xml Import Service Now that you've seen how the Xml Validator class works, let's take a look at how you can use it within the Xml Import Service Windows service.Auto - this allows for validating against XDR or XSD schemas - and associates it with the Xml Schema Collection object passed into Validate Xml by referencing the Schemas property: v Reader = new Xml Validating Reader(xml Reader); v Reader. When an XML document is dropped into the watch folder, the Xml Validator class is invoked, so the XML document can be validated (see Figure 1).When errors occur during the validation process, a delegate named Validation Event Handler points to an event handler through which you can access the errors.

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Throughout this article, you'll see how to use the Xml Validating Reader's schemas and Validation Type properties, its Read method, its Validation Event Handler event, and two of its overloaded constructors, all within the custom Xml Validator class.

You can find a complete listing of the Xml Validating Reader's different properties and methods in the . Figure 2 contains the shell for the custom Xml Validator class.

If the document passes the validation process, it will be parsed using the Xml Text Reader, and SQL insert statements will be generated to insert rows into the Northwind Database's Customers table.

Because Xml Import Service runs as a Windows service, you can configure it to start automatically even if a user is not logged into the system.

Xtreme Data LANGUAGES: C# TECHNOLOGIES: XML Schemas | Windows Services Validate XML Data Feeds With XML Schemas Write a reusable XML validation class to validate XML documents against DTDs as well as XDR and XSD schemas.

By Dan Wahlin Validating XML is important any time the structure or data contained within an XML document must follow a predefined format for an application to use it.

Validate Xml returns a struct named Validation Status, which contains the status of the validation operation: public struct Validation Status The Validation Status struct contains two public fields: Status and Error Messages.

Any validation errors that occur while the XML document is validated cause the Validation Call Back method to be called.

First, the XML document is loaded into an Xml Text Reader, which is passed to the Xml Validating Reader's constructor.

The Validation Event Handler event is hooked up to the Validation Event Handler delegate, and the Read method is called.

The Validation Event Handler delegate has this signature: public delegate void Validation Event Handler( object sender, Validation Event Args e); The Validation Event Args parameter has Exception, Message, and Severity properties you can use to access detailed error information.