Though Blampied is taller than Richie, it is Richie who commands your attention.

Maybe it’s because, in a scene full of bright and sunny flower-printed brunch frocks, she’s wearing a black leotard and elastic-waisted workout pants slouched low enough to reveal little half moons of hip—“dressed down,” as the loves to deem outfits that look like they were picked up off the floor from the very spot they were thrown to the prior night.

If she’s wearing mascara, it is not smudged; and it looks as if a professional may have already done her makeup this morning.

The richest person in the room never looks like the richest person in the room.

We’re all really supportive of each other.” Whatever her strategy is, it’s arguably smart, and certainly novel. But they divorced after she allegedly discovered him in a Beverly Hills hotel room with former dancer and fashion designer Diane Alexander by knocking on the door and announcing she was “room service,” leading to a physical confrontation and Harvey’s arrest.

With paparazzi outside and i Phones inside every restaurant, club, and shop, Richie’s generation is already overexposed. Lionel eventually married Alexander, and they had two children, Miles and Sofia, before divorcing in 2004. “I spent pretty much every minute of my life with my mom,” she says.

“There will be times you’re like, shit, I don’t know if someone’s watching right now,” Richie says. And Richie is not unfamiliar with nightlife—photos of her holding drinks and looking chummy with 1 Oak club co-owner Darren Dzienciol dot her Instagram. Sofia and her peers are far too business- and brand-minded to screw up publicly. “We try to stay out of it as much as possible because we don’t want to be seen as girls.” Is she straight edge? The two bonded over fashion, but Richie was also a tomboy. I had a Nintendo and, when I went to normal school, I used to tape it under my desk and then pull it out and play on it.

You can control your image by constantly playing to the cameras à la the Kardashians, or you can control your image the Old Hollywood way. She played on an elite soccer team until she was 16, when she crashed her Segway and broke her hip. I still mainly only have guy friends; Bronte is, like, my only girlfriend.” Family friends were people like the Jenners and the Hadids.When was the last time she hung out with the Jenners or the Hadids? “She doesn’t want to talk about this,” he jumps in again.“She doesn’t want to talk about that, Jenner questions, her friends, Paris Hilton.She looks young but has an older air about her—until she orders a milkshake of a coffee, a blended French vanilla latte.Still, the touch of world-weariness is too casual to be practiced.“Sometimes you just want to walk out of your house and look ugly and get a coffee and wear your sweatpants all day.