A Transmedia Producer credit is given to the person(s) responsible for a significant portion of a project’s long-term planning, development, production, and/or maintenance of narrative continuity across multiple platforms, and creation of original storylines for new platforms.

Transmedia producers also create and implement interactive endeavors to unite the audience of the property with the canonical narrative and this element should be considered as valid qualification for credit as long as they are related directly to the narrative presentation of a project.

More importantly, for the first time in the guild’s history, they voted on and ratified a new credit — that of the Transmedia Producer — which had been shepherded by such Hollywood names as Mark Gordon, Gael Anne Hurd, Jeff Gomez, Alison Savage, and Chris Pfaff.

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EXCLUSIVE: I’ve learned that a significant All-Boards meeting for the Producers Guild of America took place tonight.

Sources tell me that the members voted on a series of amendments that qualify individuals as professional producers.

But when it comes to transgender rights, she might just be fighting for the other side.

"My fight is ensuring that women are safe from the pretenders who might use the trans issue to get in and hurt somebody," Ben-Shalom said. Before he even finished the question, Ben-Shalom replied, "Yes.

That is, until board members noticed her Facebook page. In recent weeks, Ben-Shalom shared posts asking whether transgender women are a threat in public restrooms, and created her own posts calling them "violent and judgmental" -- even urging other lesbians to "Get the 'L' out of LGBT." "There's some hostility it seems," Polcyn said. In a 2004 interview, recorded for the national archives, Ben-Shalom says her activism started in 1975 with a single question, not long after she enlisted in the U. "And it was, 'Sergeant Ben-Shalom, are you a homosexual? In 1988, 12 years after she was discharged, Ben-Shalom became the first openly homosexual service member to be re-enlisted in the Army, by court order.

'" She admitted she was a lesbian and the Army kicked her out. "I want it recorded that it was not a gay man who first won and went back in," she told the Library of Congress.These producers develop cross platform storylines on Film, Television, Short Film, Broadband, Publishing, Comics, Animation, and Mobile — and now, they’ll be credited with an official title.I’m told this is a historic move for the PGA because the guild rarely backs new credits.He’s been a pioneer of Transmedia Storytelling and implemented these type of campaigns for projects including James Cameron’s A Transmedia Narrative project or franchise must consist of three (or more) narrative storylines existing within the same fictional universe on any of the following platforms: Film, Television, Short Film, Broadband, Publishing, Comics, Animation, Mobile, Special Venues, DVD/Blu-ray/CD-ROM, Narrative Commercial and Marketing rollouts, and other technologies that may or may not currently exist.These narrative extensions are NOT the same as repurposing material from one platform to be cut or repurposed to different platforms.'Phenomenal Pictures can confirm that Chelsey Harwood will no longer be involved in any future filming of This Is Liverpool or any future productions by Phenomenal Pictures due to a matter of gross misconduct.