So don't use more than four time servers in your configuration, and don't play tricks with , please set up one of your computers as a time server and synchronize the other computers to that one.

If your Windows system is part of a domain, you might not be able to independently update your computer time.

For more information about setting the time on windows, see How Windows Time Service Works. If business, organization or human life depends on having correct time or can be harmed by it being wrong, you shouldn't "just get it off the internet".

Your government's website will usually have information on the correct daylight savings period.

Problems can occur when the cluster time is inaccurate.

If you know only one timeserver near you, you can of course use that and two from org or so.

- just restarting the ntp server usually solves this problem.

When you click the Update Now button, your clock should be synchronized immediately.

If it fails, it may be for one of the following reasons: Your personal or network firewall prevents clock synchronization.

The NTP Pool is generally very high quality, but it is a service run by volunteers in their spare time.