“I expected to get hassled by the law or possibly arrested while baring my breasts in public,” Krueger said.They walked along the popular avenue, asking people if they could talk to them.Krueger and her friend asked if people would like to know why they were doing it.

The parade sets great value in creative decoration, many cyclists feature body painting and art bikes.

Young Naturists And Nudists America host a yearly nude New Year's Eve party.

"If we find that employees have violated any law or policy they will be held accountable.

Behavior like this, if true, is not acceptable and extremely troubling.” Residents of Clackamas County, located just outside Portland, think some action needs to take place.

In June 2013, the Portland Art Museum in Oregon admitted nude participants prior to the nighttime World Naked Bike Ride for a special exhibit called 'Cyclepedia' on the art of bicycle design. World Naked Bike Rides are yearly clothing-optional bike rides in which each city's participants plan, meet and ride en masse on human-powered transport to "deliver a vision of a cleaner, safer, body-positive world" by attracting attention to a healthy alternative for vehicles that depend on fossil fuels; the naked body is used as a symbol for the vulnerability of humans to pollution, and of cyclists to the traffic in cities.

These rides occur in about 75 cities across 6 continents, though in countries with a Romance language WNBRs are usually referred to by a name derived from their Spanish origin, 'Ciclonudista'.

The Naked Pumpkin Run is an annual event that has taken place since 1974 during Halloween.

Naked people, usually college students, parade through several towns in the United States.

Nude recreation refers to recreational activities which some people engage in the nude.

Such activities can take place in private spaces, such as in a person's own property or in a naturist context, but also in public areas.

Oregon’s indecent exposure law only prohibits nudity that is intended to cause arousal in public.