She was hot for an older guy, plus she seemed in competition with her mom.

She and I fucked several times that year and I was still fucking mom back home. im 40 ladys, try me...i promiss not to cum quick....could be fun....i promiss not to cum in your mouth or pie hole...again....promisses are hard to keep...gets hard on the road...write me if your age 18-48.

The mom had to go pick up some stuff from the cleaners and run a couple of errands, so I was alone with the daughter for a while.

Within 10 minutes after her mom left, she asked me 'are you fucking my mom"... she stood up, opened her robe, and asked how she compared with her mom... We played some, but I didn't want to get caught fucking daughter, but we did enough stuff that the interest was there for both of us, so I agreed to come down to her college and we fucked there.

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Older guys don't cum as much in quantity but they hold back for longer while they pleasure a girl and they know how to please, which buttons to press type of thing. I know my wife was getting laid by a older man when she was younger.

When we first started dating in our late teens she usedto babysit for a couple who worked different times. When the kids were asleep he'd take my wife into the spare room and fuck her.

I was dating a 42 yr old single mom from work, and met her daughter one weekend (she was19 and at a college). Mom was damn hot (looked about 10 years younger) and one weekend when the daughter was home, we were sitting around talking.

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