But porn consumers have to make ethical choices about the porn they consume. Watch porn produced pre-AIDS epidemic—those guys are already dead.

Can’t get off unless some 16 year-old twink is “taking loads” and risking his health and quite possibly his life? Porn director Chi Chi La Rue recently filmed an anti-barebacking PSA directed at gay men that buy bareback porn.

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No one has done a study that shows how many other men are prevented from engaging in dangerous behaviour through watching bareback videos.

The porn actors are GGG, they allow countless others to "watch" and "not do" bareback.

So blame consumers if you like, but why not blame those who make it forbidden fruit? The spectre of an evil porn industry forcing otherwise-naive and innocent 18 year-olds to take it bareback, resulting in their immediate infection with HIV? As #5 mentions above, these people are consenting adults and have no one to blame for their bad choices but themselves.

Moreover, wouldn't it be ironic if said "innocent" 18 year-olds were in fact already HIV-positive before starring in BB porn, yet were manipulative and deceptive enough to claim it was the act of making this porn that infected them?

But it is Tikkum Olam to fight for righteous justice in this world.

Dan Savage has consistently come out against many forms of gay decadence the mainstream media was too afraid to touch.

A company in the First World isn't ALLOWED to offer employees more money to do a job in a less-safe way.

Sure, inherently hazardous jobs often pay more - but the employer still has to make every effort to mitigate the possible harm of the unsafe jobs.

Consumers of bareback porn argue that these actors are adults, and they’re aware of the risks they’re running, and so consumers of bareback porn are not quite as culpable as consumers of kiddie porn. But many of the actors in bareback porn are very young, very naive, and very vulnerable, and the demand for bareback porn is doing real harm to real people.