Can’t figure out what your intuition is telling you? Let our Irvine matchmakers show you five telltale signs your guy is husband material.Let’s be honest here, when a woman starts dating a new guy, she wants to know if he’ll make a great father one day. During the early stages of the relationship, women enjoy sizing up their guy.

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Sometimes you’re really into a guy, but he’s only into you as a friend.

It’s everyone’s dream—or nightmare—when a guy stops being interested in them.

If you’ve been friend-zoned and can’t figure out why, let our Orange County matchmakers show you the reasons.

After all, if it’s something you did, you want to know so you can avoid doing it in the future.

Forget cupcakes and wine, it’s time to get over this breakup in a healthy way.

If it seems like the only way to heal from a breakup is by eating junk food and drinking liquor, it’s because that’s the way it’s been engraved since we were young.

It’s like the only thing we know how to do: you get dumped, grab a bucket of ice-cream and a big spoon and settle for a night on the couch, or you watch romantic movies with a bottle of wine and a big box of tissues by your side.

While these methods might be popular today, as Irvine dating and relationship experts, we know they’re not the most effective to heal and move on from a failed relationship.

Then, as they start establishing a deeper connection, women can see early signs whether or not he’ll make for a good dad in the future.