Mr Odze said: ‘It was no more a bible than a Beano wrapped in the cover of The Mail on Sunday is a newspaper, but I accept that it was unwise to post the pictures.’A Ukip spokesman said: ‘While we understand the act, it was ill-advised to put a picture of it on social media which was also provocative and likely to be misunderstood.’Mr Odze, who faces an uphill battle to beat favourite Mr Burnham in the race to become the first Manchester mayor in next month’s election, is a confidant of both former Ukip leader Nigel Farage and his successor Paul Nuttall.The 33-year-old former Tory councillor admits he was unsure about switching to Ukip, expecting it to be the ‘BNP in blazers’, but now believes it is the only party able to challenge Labour in the North.That’s why for the last few months, while making a programme for Radio 4, exploring whether you can be an Orthodox Jew and a feminist, I have had my eyes opened to what an unexplainable taboo this really is. They can’t really justify it either; why they don’t feel comfortable with female leadership in one sphere but not in the other.

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An Orthodox Jewish rabbi who is standing for Ukip in a mayoral election has apologised for burning a ‘bible’ and posting the pictures on social media.

Shneur Odze, who is standing against former Health Secretary Andy Burnham in Manchester, reacted with fury last Sunday when he found a religious tract in his synagogue which purported to be a Jewish bible.

But in a religious sphere, where faith is the binding force of a group of people, rationale has less sway or place. (Please note the intended facetiousness of this statement).

If you started applying logic to the beliefs held in most faiths, things would start to fall apart pretty quickly at the seams. Not being able to reconcile my secular views with my religious ones is something I too, find hard to explain.

They own a brand of fashionable-but-modest clothing for Orthodox Jewish women called Ra Ju, and the start of Shabbat, Memorial Day and the Jewish holiday Shavuot will leave them unable to work for a week. She often broke those rules as a schoolgirl, and now with Ra Ju, she’s pushing the boundaries of what it means to dress modestly as an observant Jewish woman. “Instead of making unique pieces that are fashion-forward and Avant-garde, they’re more interested in making money. You’re not stuck in this box trying to compete with everyone around you.

With her bronze skin, bright outfits and tousled jet-black hair, she could be mistaken for a “Jersey Shore” cast member.

To compound the provocation, it was put there during Passover, the holiest time of the Jewish calendar.

Mr Odze took the book – which he believes was placed there by a proselytising religious sect – out into the street and set fire to it.

In the secular world, common sense must be the order of the day.