The twins link hands and that shows me that the one of the right is Kaoru and Hikaru is on the left as if I hadn't heard Kaoru's soft voice come from him."The entire Host Club is in love with you." Hikaru finishes and I see that indeed everyone in the room squirms or begins to fidget slightly, confirming the twins' story.

Kyoya-Senpai swiftly snaps his head to the left, away from me – with the knowledge that I can tell what he is thinking from a simple look in his feeble, emotional eyes.

Kyoya-Senpai may act intelligently detached from his emotions but his emotions are as strong as anyone of the other Host Club members, even the crazy and overdramatic Tamaki-Senpai. To anyone else the ginger twins would be exactly symmetrical in this moment of cheekiness but I can see Hikaru's arm above Kaoru's, which is an obvious sign of it being the more dominant twin.

Interrupting my calculative thoughts, I hear the racket of my friends yelling at one another once more."Shut up, you morons!

Mori-Senpai stares emotionlessly at me for a moment and in the second that I take my eyes off him, I catch an inaudible sigh leaving his mouth."Mum, are you seeing this from heaven?

This is where that broken expensive vase has led me to." I whisper as I run one hand over my pale, exhausted face.

I huff exceedingly annoyed and entirely jumbled at his uninforming, unadorned response.

At my physical reaction, Kyoya-Senpai nodded softly in my direction and went on to reason with me.

" I almost tear my vocal cords as I attempt to be heard amongst the loud idiots that I, for some reason, am in a club/friends with. Me in relation to a romantic format with the other Hosts?

I know that Tamaki-Senpai sees me as his "daughter" in a way and that Hikaru and I went on a date in Karuizawa but I had no idea that any of the others thought about me in that way.

I just walked in after school for an Ouran High School Host Club meeting that Kyoya –Senpai has planned for, for the past three weeks.