I also refreshed VPP content for these apps prior to the test. On the kids end, they click to open the app and it immediately crashes.These 3 apps have become useless over the past 2 days. After the update and a couple of inventory updates in jamf, the errors cleared out and the i Pad started automatically updating keynote, pages and numbers.

pages not updating on iphone-34pages not updating on iphone-42

If you use a firewall utility or anti-virus software on your Mac on your Mac, please ensure that the “UBD” process is able to access any requested addresses.

UBD is the system service that handles the movement of i Cloud data and blocking it will prevent i Cloud Sync from working properly in Log Ten Pro and potentially all other apps that use i Cloud.

Not sure why all of a sudden a device running 10.3.2 or 10.3.3 would not be compatible with app version 3.2 (which is already on the device), or why we now have almost 3000 failed commands sitting out there because of this, but if I find anything out I will let you know.

I'm not having any luck yet resolving these errors.

If there are any i Cloud problems reported, try again later.

You may find it useful to restart i Cloud Sync with the a single chosen logbook file from one device on all of your other devices.

The logbook files on your other devices will be overwritten in this process, so before you begin, please make sure you have a current backup of your logbook from each device before proceeding.

You should only complete this process if you are certain that one of your devices has your complete and up to date logbook.

The error is with Pages, Numbers and Keynote for me too. For us it appears limited to the i Pad 5th Generation devices that came with these apps "pre-installed".

It's only those three apps because i Movie and Garage Band didn't get an update, otherwise we'd have 5 failed commands per device.

After each step, give it a try, if it's working, no need to keep going!