We invite tutorial proposals desired for both half-day and full-day sessions on current topics in the areas of Web design, development, services, operation, use, and evaluation.

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For international sector, they usually fly up to a maximum of 90 hours.

While away from the base, the airlines provide hotel accommodations and meal allowance during stopover.

Accepted papers will appear in the conference online proceedings published by the ACM Digital Library and the conference's web site.

Authors of accepted papers will retain proprietary rights to their work, but will be required to sign a copyright release form (pdf file) to IW3C2.

We expect the panelists to actively engage the audience and help them gain a deeper understanding of the issues.

The goal of a panel is to debate and thus panels should always reflect more than one point of view.- Kiki Ward For most of us who have experienced travelling on an aeroplane, I am sure you have experienced the services of flight attendants.Some of them are really good and exceed your expectations but some may not be as good as you would wish them to be.Demos and walk-throughs of technical "nitty-gritty" are encouraged.Please submit a 1-2 page write-up of your proposed talk, slides, or a demo (url, screenshots, or video).Papers should properly place the work within the field, cite related work, and clearly indicate the innovative aspects of the work and its contribution to the field, using for instance proper evaluation methods.