Read about routers and gateways to learn how to reset specific Comcast-supported devices.

Logging into your Wi Fi modem allows you to configure various settings on your Shaw Wi Fi Modem, which includes (but is not limited to) changing your Wi Fi network password, your SSID name and the broadcasting channel upon which your Wi Fi Modem operates.

Visit My Device Info and click on the link specific to your equipment to see more product/technical support information.

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Forgot your Wi Fi password or looking to change it? We understand that sometimes it can be hard to remember your Wi Fi password and network name so we made it easy to view and change it.

You can: To view your wireless information via the X1 TV Box, you can press the Microphone button on your X1 Voice Remote and say "What's my Wi Fi password? You can also navigate to the XFINITY x Fi app using your X1 remote: Tip: You can navigate to the People and Devices sections to view all the connected devices in your home and pause Wi Fi access for a specific device or group of devices.

On the following page, you will be able to retrieve your wireless password, view the Wireless Network Name, and set your Wireless Password.

The Password Reset Tool allows you to change your password quickly and easily.

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Before reading this article, be sure to explore different methods to view or change your Wi Fi password.

Once you have signed in and selected Internet, followed by Change Wi Fi Settings and Other Settings, choose Go to Admin Tool from the XFINITY My Account app and select Advanced Settings.

If you are not able to access the Admin Tool and do not remember your Wi Fi network name or password, you can reset your wireless gateway to its factory default settings.

This article explains the manual process for finding or changing your Wi Fi network name (sometimes called an SSID) and password (sometimes called a network key) by signing into your XFINITY wireless gateway's Admin Tool.

The wireless gateway's Admin Tool can be accessed from the XFINITY My Account app.

How this is done varies between programs, but the instructions below should help guide your through the process If you need further instruction, try the program's help feature, or the manufacturer's website.