There is a craft, however, firmly maintained until 1945 when a hundred shoemakers were still identifiable.

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With every best wish for all good things in your future."Happy Birthday, Wanda June (Movie 1971) (Summary) Charlie Brown Special (TV 1971) "You're in Love, Charlie Brown" The Brady Bunch, (TV 'Will the Real Jan Brady Please Stand Up?

,' episode 42, January 15, 1971) "Lucy""A horse named Beckett that was set to be put to sleep according to the will of a favorite aunt after her death.

A glassmaking factory installed near the railway track to the site of the former Intermarché collapsed after World War I.

In the Bellevue district, the remains of a factory attest to the presence of a former pottery factory.

Bob Hope Chrysler Theatre (TV 1966) "City of LA" and "Free of Charge" Andy Williams Show (TV 1966) Bing Crosby Show (TV 1966) "Manpower"The Monkees (TV April 17, 1967, episode 31, first season) "Monkees in the Movies" When the starring role in a 'beach party' movie goes to Davy, the others have to bring him down to earth.

Features "Last Train To Clarksville" and Bobby Sherman.

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Another fan points out that the Partridge Family didn't begin until a year after Blondie was cancelled.

Later, Pam Stedwell found a second picture of this bus and it says "Magic Bus" so perhaps it was a 60s prop at Universal.)From the TV Feature Film Source Book: "Drama of a stray German shepard dog who helps a young boy adjust to life with his new stepfather. If you'd like your own 8x10s of these original ABC photo releases, please visit his site.

A city ordinance prohibits a demonstration from occurring within 100 feet of a person's residence.