(Next up: Tina Fey in , they're a city-rushed couple who rediscover themselves--and each other, and, um, others--at a hippie retreat.

It had not occurred to me before actually meeting Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd just how long I’d known them.

Both have been in the public eye seemingly forever—and in more or less the exact same manifestation (which is to say they both look astonishingly the same as they did two decades ago).

You can check out a video of him doing his thing in 1992 here: https://vimeo.com/13856676 Paul’s a nice guy Remember how loveable he was when he played Phoebe’s husband Mike Hannigan in Friends?

Well, turns out he’s actually that delightful in real life, too.

The two were married in 2000 and went through a very public divorce when Pitt left Aniston for Angelina Jolie, his co-star in the film "Mr and Mrs. 19, 2004) Jennifer Aniston began dating her "Friends" love interest Tate Donovan in 1995. 19, 2010) Jennifer Aniston Photos of actress Jennifer Aniston through the years.

There were rumors circulating in 1997 about the pair's engagement, but the rings they were sporting were just promise rings. Celebrity engagements and marriages See which celebrity couples have decided to make it official.

George's brother Rick offers a job position in his company in Atlanta.

They drive from New York to Atlanta and they decide to stop for the night in the hotel Elysium.

In New York, the aspirant filmmaker Linda convinces her husband George Gergenblatt to buy an expensive Micro Loft apartment in Manhattan.

Linda expects to sell a documentary about penguins to HBO to help the payment of the installments and George expects a promotion.

While promoting the film, Jen and Paul were asked if it was "weird to kiss" onscreen having been close for such a long time.