If you rely solely on texting, your text may be taken out of context.

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There are over 91 million people using mobile dating apps.

The convenience of finding a date from your mobile phone nearby shortens the process and helps fill up your date cards faster.

Singles are now proudly posting photos of their dates and admitting to what site they actually met on in their social media profiles.

The other important thing to note is when online dating started, only 14 percent of adults were on the Internet. In the beginning, there were chat rooms and dial-up Internet. SPIRA: The numbers of users worldwide on dating apps is continuing to explode.

You can see if you have mutual interests before you decide to write to them to spark up a conversation.

SPIRA: These days, half of the single population has tried online dating.

In the early days of Internet dating, singles wouldn’t admit that they met their significant other or spouse on a dating site due to the associated stigma. A Pew Research Survey found that the majority of Americans (59 percent) believe online dating is now a good way to meet.

In the survey, 30 percent of women actually enlisted help in creating their online dating profiles.

The largest growth market for Internet dating according to Match is the 50-plus demographic.

With Internet and mobile dating, there is no one-size-fits-all program.

Spira is an online dating expert, digital matchmaker and social media strategist with more than 25 years of senior level management in broadcasting, technology, telecom and the Internet.