In San Diego, for example, a 2015 report based on preliminary statistics showed that body cameras helped reduce “personal body” force by officers by 46.5%.A September 2015 study published in the used a controlled experiment with the Mesa Police Department in Arizona to determine how body cameras influence police-citizen interactions.Despite the national push, local law enforcement remains divided over the use of such technology, with some agencies blatantly resisting.

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Police use of force has been heavily scrutinized for more than a year after fatal police encounters with unarmed black men in New York City, Ferguson, Mo., Baltimore and other parts of the U. The increased attention has renewed calls for law-enforcement officers to wear video cameras while on duty.

While video technology has become more sophisticated, tiny gaps between frames still make it theoretically possible to miss crucial details, such as the brief glint of a knife blade or a muzzle flash.

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is a collection of live nature cams, documentary films and an assortment of special projects such as Dog Bless You, which supports the training of service dogs, and Fallujah, the first original opera about the Iraq War.With video evidence, there is the potential for greater scrutiny by supervisors or members of the public.The researchers note that a possible reason why officers with cameras wrote more citations was because they were worried they might be reprimanded for not issuing tickets when video evidence showed that a citizen had violated an ordinance or traffic law.So few of us have the privilege of experiencing what I like to call “nature’s cathedrals,” and now through these live cams, all of us can learn, grow, and assist researchers on a daily basis in some of the wild kingdom’s most remote and unexplored regions of the world.So, please join Google and and discover the “live world.” Whether it be the brown bears of Katmai National Park, the wild belugas and polar bears of the arctic, the bald eagles of Iowa, the elephants and hippos of Africa, the pandas of China, or a live birth of a puppy who will one day become a service dog for a soldier with PTSD — welcome to our family.“Empirical support showing that OVCs [On-officer Video Cameras] can help departments achieve their goals will reduce the time needed for this technology to gain legitimacy.