A couple of years ago, people would hardly want to discuss issues of sex in public.There is still that hesitation with the onset of the internet and social media, discussions of that nature seem to be taking place a lot more frequently.So has the internet and social media made views on sex and relationships better or worse?

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I would love to have data on more on this topic but Ghanaians tend to be “shy” and “timid” when asked questions about this.

But one day, more topics like #Future Africa Sex can be discussed and we can have real life conversations. We’ll see where we are in a couple of years down the road when it comes to open discussions about sex and relationships.

If you “Like” someone’s profile and they also “Like” your profile, you’re instantly “matched” and you can start chatting with each other and eventually took the conversation offline.

There’s no data about online dating in Ghana but from my experience, Tinder seems to be full of girls who are actively trying to “hookup”.

Many kids in Ghana did not get the “” talk from their parents.

It was mostly through TV where most young people learned about what goes in the bedroom.Some personal views on sex in Ghana are largely the same but there does appear to be evolving opinions on issues like premarital sex and sexual relations.On Twitter, there was a topic on #Future Africa Sex which imagined how views on sex and relations would be like in the future in Ghana and other African countries.According to Pew, online dating for US teens tripled amongst millennials ages 18–24 since 2013.But the adults weren’t left out, as increases in online also inceased among the older folk.That’s not to say that there aren’t people online looking for actual dates.