The attitude towards women becomes more conservative and tradition-based.

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The Chechen government is building mosques in every village, prayer rooms in public schools, and enforcing a stricter Islamic dress code for both men and women.

This photo essay chronicles the lives of young Muslim girls who witnessed the horrors of two wars and are now coming of age in a republic that is rapidly redefining itself as a Muslim state." Markosian, who is based in Grozny, reports that "It has been quite challenging working as a female photojournalist in Chechnya.

Photojournalist Diana Markosian spent the last year and half covering Russia's volatile North Caucasus region.

This year she started a personal project entitled "Goodbye My Chechnya" documenting the lives of young Chechen women as they come of age in the aftermath of war.

The head and neck covering is a sharp break from Chechen tradition.

(Copyright Diana Markosian) #Chechen girls study the Koran at an underground medrese in the village of Serzhen-Yurt, Chechnya.

(Copyright Diana Markosian) #Female college students at an auditorium at the Chechen State University in Grozny.

In Chechnya, all women are required to cover their heads in schools and government buildings.

There's also a certain level of fear you have when working and living in a region as unpredictable as the North Caucasus.