Meta tags are fields inside a music or video track that describe the data on the track.

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The Compare Tracks feature can be used to compare any two selected tracks, or if only one track is selected, it will let you compare the closest match.

Use Get Info to access all similar tracks associated with a track.

An upload password is required, and the "server" must be configured to allow remote changes.

Configure the meta data update feature in Super Sync by going to the Meta Data Settings in the preferences.

Ratings and Played Counts is meta data that is only stored by i Tunes, but can still be tracked and sync'ed by Super Sync. But in one library, you modify some of the tags -- for instance you correct the spelling of the artist.

The next time you connect to both using Super Sync, those two tracks should show as sync 'd with the meta data mismatch flag set.

To use Meta Data Updating, you need to sync between two networked Super Sync applications.

Both Super Sync applications must have their Local Library be configured as an i Tunes library.

To sync the meta data on both libraries, you would select the track that has the meta mismatch flag icon set, and right click on the track (or use the Action menu) to select "Update Meta Data".

A dialog will let you verify the direction of the tag updates (updating the local or remote library version).

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